Start your own Bitcoin Faucet

First of all, what is a bitcoin faucet?

A bitcoin faucet is a website where users can claim a small amount of free coins. These websites usually get funded by donations or different advertisements. The amount of free bitcoins, or satoshi (smallest fraction of a bitcoin BTC 0.00000001) you can get, varies from site to site. They also use different timers to claim. There are websites with 1 minute up to 24 hours timers. An other great thing on faucets is, that you can invite your friends to use these faucets, and get a referral commission from them. Depending on the website you will get a commission between 5% and 100%. Thats correct some great faucets pay up to 100% commission, this means every time someone you have invited claims free coins, you will get the exact same amount for just inviting them! There are daily new faucets coming and going.  We look for the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency websites and share them with you!

So lets start creating your own bitcoin faucet for free!

There are some things we need, before we can start.

  1. Hosting and Domain
  2. Faucet Script
  3. Bitcoin Wallet
  4. A few bitcoins to start
  5. Creating some content
  6. Get quality traffic
  7. Monetize your bitcoin faucet
  8. Make profit with your bitcoin faucet

Hosting and Domain

There are many hosting providers on the market to choose from. To start with a test, you can even choose a free hosting provider and get a free sub domain. If you get enough traffic, you can upgrade or change your hosting provider to a paid one later.

Faucet Script

Faucetbox Script

Faucet in a BOX is the most used and free to download faucet script. The faucetbox script is very easy to install, and works very well. There are frequently new updates, to improve your bitcoin faucet. This script is also very secure with anti-bot and proxy blocker options. An other advantage is, that you can connect it with your faucetbox wallet.

Xapo Script

Xapo Faucet Script is like the faucetbox script, easy to handle and you can connect it directly with the xapo wallet service.

Paytoshi Script

An other free script, but not so much used as other scripts.

WeLoveFaucet Script 1.2

This script is also used by a few faucets on the market, but it is not free.

Microwallet Script

This script will be hard to find, because microwallet is closing the service after the last payouts are made. If you still have this script, you can connect it with the faucetbox wallet.

Bitcoin Wallet

Most sites use the faucetbox wallet to make payouts to the users. Also often used is Xapo Wallet service. Only a few faucets support direct payout to your bitcoin address.

A Few Bitcoins To Start

To get your faucet started you will need to fund it with a few bitcoins or satoshi. There are a different ways to get your first bitcoins, if you don’t already have some.

  • Get free coins from faucets. click here
  • Buy on bitcoin trading/exchange sites. click here
  • Buy on LocalBitcoins.
  • Make bitcoin freelancer jobs.
  • Get bitcoin crowdfunding.
  • Sell products or digital goods for bitcoins.
  • Ask for bitcoin donations.

It depends on you and your faucet, how much you want to fund for the first time. It is always good to start with a little bit more, so your faucet wont run out of funds in the first couple of days.

Of course, we will monetize the bitcoin faucet later!

Creating Some Content

A bitcoin faucet with content will help you to get more advertisers, bitcoin targeted traffic, more space for ads, higher search engine rank, and more.

Without content the most advertisers networks wont even accept your faucet. A few will, for example A-Ads.

Its always better to have some content for your faucet!

Get Quality Traffic

  • Post your faucet link on different bitcoin interested forums like bitcointalk
  • Get social traffic from facebook and twitter
  • Make a good referral promotion for your start
  • Create valuable content
  • Start a few ad campaigns on bitcoin targeted ad-networks


Monetize Your Bitcoin Faucet

Now it is time to monetize your faucet!

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