Power Ledger Bounty

Power Ledger Bounty Campaign

Power Ledger Pty Ltd (Power Ledger) is holding a Token Generation Event (TGE) for the sale of POWR Tokens. Power Ledger is holding a Bounty Campaign, a program to reward supporters of a certain project, to facilitate the TGE.

Participants in the Bounty Campaign are rewarded with POWR tokens. A total of 1,500,000 POWR tokens from the TGE will be allocated to the Bounty Pool for eligible Bounty Participants.

There is no direct correlation between bounty reward points and individual allocation of POWR tokens.


Bounty Participants must register in our Bounty Registration system. The Bounty Registration requires:

(a)An email account,
(b)An Ethereum address to receive Bounty Rewards in POWR Tokens

(ERC20); and
(c) The relevant Social Media details.

The Bounty Participants must provide at least one of the following Social Media, Bitcoin Talk or Content Creation details, to participate in the Bounty Campaign:

(a)Twitter username;
(b)Facebook username (Facebook App authorization is also required); (c) Bitcointalk pro le link; and/or
(d) a link to a non-social media content creation (eg. blogging, videos or

articles etc) platform.
All registrations must be made at: http://bounty.powerledger.io.

Only social media content or actions performed after the bounty opening date (11th Aug 2017 00:00UTC) will be counted for reward points.


The bounty breakdown will be as illustrated:



To be eligible to participate in the Twitter Campaign you must:
(a)Be following our Twitter page on @PowerLedger_io;
(b)Approve read-only access to your twitter account to our Bounty

Registration system when you register;
(c) Only register one Twitter account for participation;
(d)Have a Twitter account that is more than 4 months old;
(e)Keep the Power Ledger tweets on your Twitter until the distribution of

all Bounty Rewards has been concluded;
(f) Ensure all tweets have the hashtag #POWRtoken, unless you are

retweeting a tweet already contains the hashtag;

Bounty Reward points will be calculated as follows:

Type of Post

Bounty Reward Points


+10 points


+5 points

One o bonus reward combining the number of followers and connected friends associated

Points awarded relatively according to the combined Twitter total


To be eligible to participate in the Facebook Campaign you must:
(a) Like our Page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/powerledger;
(b) Authorize Power Ledger’s Facebook App to access your user pro le and timeline;

Type of Post

Bounty Reward Points

A 10% bonus will be applied according to the number of friends.

10% of your total friends will be added as a one-time bonus.

“Likes” of posts published by Power Ledger on the Power Ledger facebook page

+ 5 point

“Shares” of posts published by Power Ledger on the Power Ledger facebook page

+ 15 point

10% of your total Facebook friends will be used as “bonus” reward points at the time you register.

Your accounts privacy settings may restrict our ability to count “shares” of published Power Ledger content on the Power Ledger Facebook page.

Facebook failures beyond the control of Power Ledger will results in reward points being unaccounted for in the Bounty Rewards system.



Power Ledger’s Bitcoin Talk Signature Campaign will be run uniquely for our TGE, through our designed “Click Campaign”. You can earn Bounty Reward points from the number of unique visitor “Clicks” on your provided forum signature. Other Bitcoin Talk forum members that click on your unique signature link will earn you points.

To be eligible to participate in Bitcoin Talk Click Campaign you must: (a)Register through the Bounty Registration system with your email; and (b)Add the Click link within 48 hours of receiving the link, that is sent from

Power Ledger to your dedicated email, to your Bitcoin Talk signature;

Ledger name or logo.

There is a maximum of 2 Clicks per Bitcoin Talk user in any 24 hour period. Spamming or creating fake user accounts for the bounty signature hyperlink will result in disquali cation from the Bounty Rewards.

Bitcoin Talk Rank

Bounty Points per Signature Clicks


+5 points

Senior Member

+ 3 points

Full Member

+ 2 points


+1 point

Junior Member

+ 1 point

The Bounty Registration system will send an email to the registered email address containing information on a forum signature link update required to gain eligible rewards. Failure to update your forum signature with the provided link will result in no rewards points being assigned. After receipt of the email you have 48 hours to update your Bitcoin Talk forum signature with the provided link.



You can write a published blog or article, in any of the o cial Power Ledger White Paper translated languages, of at least 250 words containing at least two links to the Power Ledger Website (https://tge.powerledger.io/). The two links to the Website need to properly referenced and related to the content of the blog post or published article. Videos are also supported but only in English.

Power Ledger’s Content Assessors will assess the video, blog or published article on its contents at ‘standard’, ‘complementary’ and ‘exceptional’. The video, blog’s or article’s assessment will also include the popularity of the content. Bounty points will only be awarded to your Bounty Account, after the Content Assessor’s review.

To be eligible to participate in Content Creation campaign you must write/create a published video, blog or article:

(a)Of at least 250 words;
(b) Containing at least 2 links to the Power Ledger Website.
(c) Videos must be either solely or have a majority of the total content

focused on the Power Ledger platform and the TGE.

Once the content is published you must:

(d)Reference or post it on at least one other traditional social media site; (e)Be accessible to the open internet;
(f) Post your link to your article at the Bounty Registration Website

To register, or for more informations visit: https://bounty.powerledger.io

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