UTrust Bounty

UTrust Bounty Social Media Bounties Tweet about the project,retweet their tweets and share about Utrust and promote it. Help them in reaching out the mass and get your reward in UTrust Tokens Budget: 20% of the Random Bounty Pool will be allocated for Social Media Campaign bounties which will be divided equally between Facebook and Twitter bounties. Payments will be as follows: 5 Stakes/Week for every valid… Read More »

Reality Clash – AR and Blockchain combined

Reality Clash- Blockchain meets augmented reality. Reality Clash will be the most comprehensive and advanced social augmented reality combat game in the market, backed by the Etherum Blockchain. The team behind Reality Clash have worked in games for decades and been involved in developing games for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS VR, plus many hit titles… Read More »

Power Ledger Bounty

Power Ledger Bounty Campaign Power Ledger Pty Ltd (Power Ledger) is holding a Token Generation Event (TGE) for the sale of POWR Tokens. Power Ledger is holding a Bounty Campaign, a program to reward supporters of a certain project, to facilitate the TGE. Participants in the Bounty Campaign are rewarded with POWR tokens. A total… Read More »

Monetha Bounty

Monetha Bounty Translation and BitcoinTalk community management bounty program. This bounty is ideal for professional translators on Bitcointalk. Important requirements and facts: – The translation must be of a high quality – using google translate is strictly prohibited. – The translation should be easily understood by anyone, not too technical or too literal. – Bitcoin… Read More »

Goldmint – Crypto Assets Backed With Real Gold

  GoldMint – Crypto Assets 100% Backed by Physical Gold Gold has never failed in the whole history! It’s important that you understand how money works, and the history of it. Well it used to be that our first money was backed in gold, but now we have so many currencies, and so much money… Read More »