Goldmint – Crypto Assets Backed With Real Gold


GoldMint – Crypto Assets 100% Backed by Physical Gold

Gold has never failed in the whole history!

It’s important that you understand how money works, and the history of it.
Well it used to be that our first money was backed in gold, but now we have so many currencies, and so much money is around, we can’t even count it.

This monetary system is now based on a piece of paper, only backed by faith and credits. Absolutely no currency is neither valued in, nor backed by gold, silver, platinum, or any other valued metal.
Gold will always have a good and high value. Even when currency fluctuation is an issue, for example a deflation of the currency happens.
The same goes for cryptocurrencies, although it is a very great and improved technology, it is nothing physical that you own.

And here comes GoldMint, to solve this problem!

Now What Exactly Is GoldMint?

GoldMint is a blockchain based company, that brings it both together, by combining two great things! Blockchain technology and gold!

You can invest and trade their GOLD assets, which are 100% backed by physical gold. One Gold Crypto Asset is backed by one ounce of real gold. An ounce would be 28.34 gram. The gold is 999 quality. In case there is not enough gold in the reserves, the company will then buy extra gold or ETFs in Switzerland.
Here is a picture of the GoldMint Roadmap:

The GoldMint Token Sale.

On the 20th September 2017 they will start the MNTP token sale. MNTP tokens are going to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. After the sale ends, the MNTP tokens will migrate to MNT tokens on the GoldMint blockchain.
MNT tokens can then be used to buy crypto assets, called GOLD.
All GOLD assets, are backed by real physical gold.
For early investors they will have an extra discount on it! See the picture below.

So What Can You Do With These GOLD Assets?

Here is a list, where you can see, for what you can use the GOLD assets for:

First, you can Exchange fiat to cryptocurrency. This market is growing more and more. Attracting investors and banks.

Second,Hedge volatility risks. You can hedge your gold commodity with GOLD assets, and these assets are completely backed with real physical gold, with 999 quality.

Third, you can use it as Payroll unit, and replace fiat with it. There is lower volatility, than with Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.
Fourth, to buy and transport physical gold. Banks that are using the GoldMint Blockchain, will accept your physical gold, and convert it into GOLD crypto assets.
An other great innovation is their so called „Custody Bot“ it is a unique device from GoldMint. It is made and programmed for temporary holdings, inspections, long-term storings and conveying of gold jewelry, coins or gold.
It really looks like a very interesting and innovative project, with a great team behind it. I personally think it is a good idea to combine gold and crypto, because crypto currency will eventually take over fiat one day, so it seems only logic to back it with gold.

If you want more informations, or if you are interested to invest and support this project, you can visit the links listed right here:

Official GoldMint website:

All pictures are screenshots from the official GoldMint website:

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