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The Best Bitcoin Trading Platform

We test several cryptocurrency exchanges, to find the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform for you! Testing: – Poloniex – Bitrex – Bitstamp – Bitfinex – Kraken Review and results are still in progress, and will be released soon!

Bitconnect Review – Profit with only $100 dollars investment

Bitconnect Review The test is to see, if you can make some profit with Bitconnect by only investing $100 USD worth in bitcoins. The daily profits are made from the volatility software that will trade BCC/BTC, and it gives you out daily profits. Now it is day one after I have invested $100, traded it to bitcoins… Read More »

Bitaler Faucet is a website to help people to know what Bitcoins are and how you can get them, and of course how to use and spend them. There are more and more opportunities to spend your coins! Bitcoin advertising, bitcoin hosting, bitcoin webcam, bitcoin shopping, and many other online services. But not only online, no… Read More »


YABTCL ( Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery) is a Lottery System based on bitcoins. There are different lottery options available: Instant Lottery Scheduled Lottery Free Lottery – get 3 free tickets daily Faucet – claim 500 satoshi every 5 minutes Its a fun game to play and it is the most complete provably fair lottery system available so… Read More »

Bitcoin Advertising –

CoinAdNet– The Bitcoin Advertising Network is an brand new ad-network services, which is using bitcoins. Advertisers can buy eCPM (impressions/views) or PPC (pay per click) with bitcoins. Publishers can earn bitcoins for eCPM (impressions) or CPC (cost per click). Advanced Targeting – Reach users around the world, and get bitcoin niche targeted traffic. Detailed Statistics – advanced statistic and… Read More »