Bitconnect Review – Profit with only $100 dollars investment

Bitconnect Review

The test is to see, if you can make some profit with Bitconnect by only investing $100 USD worth in bitcoins.

The daily profits are made from the volatility software that will trade BCC/BTC, and it gives you out daily profits.

Now it is day one after I have invested $100, traded it to bitcoins and then bought bitconnect coins. Well 0.5 BCC at a rate of $200.
Then I started the BCC lending package with my 0.5 worth of $100 USD.

After 24 hours I got my first earnings of 1.08%
You will get 1% up to 2% daily!
My $100 USD/ 0.5 BCC are locked for 299 days. That means the return will be around 300% to 600% after this time, without to reinvest your daily income.
You can withdraw your daily profit instantly, the daily profit is not locked!
Or you can also reinvest it to get more daily profit.

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Join my team and sign up here Sponsor: neowne