Bitcoin Protection

Bitcoin is different from the regular money and transaction system you know, so it is very important that you understand what bitcoin is, and how it can be used correctly and safe. If you own bitcoins, you are responsible to secure your coins and your wallet properly.

The first thing you need to decide, is on wich wallet you want to store your bitcoins.

There are not only different wallets and services, no there are also different types of wallets.

Bitcoin Hot Wallet – A hot wallet is online and usual with a third party service, where you can store your coins and access them.

Bitcoin Cold Wallet – A cold wallet is offline and connected with an air gap. It could be stored on an offline computer, and usb stick, external harddrive, or you can even print it out on paper.

If you like it the easy and safe way, you can also buy yourself a cold wallet storage device. There are different devices available, like Trezor, KeepKey, and the Ledger series. They are very safe, and protect your bitcoins the best way!

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