Bitcoin Price is now over $2700

Bitcoin Price is now over $2700 dollars!


Wow this was an amazing month from May to June, for cryptocurrency traders.

First we saw the all-time high of $1700 dollars per bitcoin, and still in the middle of June 2017, the price is alway around $2700 dollars. So the prediction of some people, that the bitcoin will hit the $4000 dollars mark, seems not so far and unrealistic now.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin made a new record, it claimed the $1700 dollars mark in may 2017, and its still around its all-time high with $2800 per bitcoin.

This is so far the all time high of bitcoin. So are we going to see the Bitcoin price over $4000 dollars very soon? Well it showed in the past, that Bitcoin has a continuously growth, although with some ups and downs. But cryptocurrency is the next money for the future, even if its not bitcoin, there will be a blockchain based cryptocurrency, that replaces the  fiat currency.

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